John Grassi Deerfield Beach Politics Facebook Page Admin Calls Out Mayor Ganz

Deerfield Beach, Fl-A letter to Bill Ganz

Hey Bill, I see that one again you are using the Bully Pulpit during a Commission meeting to once again justify your existence by calling taxpaying residents that you work for Cowards!

It seems to me that your obsession with reading my facebook page called “Deerfield Beach Politics” is really beginning to effect you emotionally!

The way that I see it, you should spend less time hiding behind the Women that work for Deerfield Beach, the Women that live in Deerfield Beach, Your Daughters and your wife and spend more time focusing on answering the questions that have been posed to you at every Commission meeting by residents like Dan Herz and Dan Sullivan instead of staring at them like a deer in a headlight and waiting for their 3 minutes to be up!

You only seem to respond to anything that is said that effects you emotionally and you conveniently avoid any questions that you are simply to stupid to answer which unfortunately is almost 90% of the financial questions that are posed to you!

Instead of calling residents Cowards why don’t you focus on all the concerns that are posed on Deerfield Beach Politics and address them accordingly since you are obviously obsessed with why is being said!

With that said, considering the fact that the Facebook page “Deerfield Beach Politics” is a threat to you and is being read by not only its members, but is also being read by the likes of Anne Geggis of The Sun Sentinel and Bob Norman of Channel 10 News, it would behoove you to stop whining and man up and focus on our concerns.

Considering the fact that we are being called “internet Cowards” lets have a debate in front of the entire City that will be televised for everyone to see.

It should take place in the Chamber in City Hall where you will face only one Deerfield Beach resident and there will be a moderator, I would recommend the City Attorney and you will be asked 10 questions

There will be no 3 minute time clock and you will not be able to sit there like in a Commission meeting and not address the question!

How about it!

Now lets see who the Coward in this City really is!

We will wait for your reply and if you choose to ignore this request, do not complain about the fallout on social media!

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