Folks the above pictures are from State of Florida Department of Health and originally they did not want to release any of them. They were trying to hide behind a Florida statute and not let us see them. This little news blog challenged their legal counsel and they agreed after mistakenly releasing them according to them to releasing the rest of the file. We are still having an expert review the voluminous amount of paperwork that accompanied the photos. Everything is not fine as the Mayor would have you believe. The water treatment plant is in need of almost 17 million dollars of repairs. I want our employees paid well, but I want safe drinking water too. Beach, Fl-

They lied about a Cove Hotel that was never built(look at the beautiful artist rendering we posted that they sold us on), they lied about the condition of our water treatment plant, which is still not in compliance. Yet they have given the biggest raise ever to city employees.

Maybe those in power figure if they “bribe” the management with higher salaries and pensions they will not talk to the press about all the corruption and shenanigans going on down at city hall. Listen we want our employees to be compensated for their work, but not at twice the national average of municipal workers.

Not bad enough it seems we are getting four day work weeks out of most city hall department managers. The amount of pay for some city employees has more than doubled in less than 2 years. Deerfield Beach Politics reports our city clerk Samantha Gillyard with whom we deal with her office weekly,  she has gone from 52k to over $111,000 in salary. Now, Samantha is not the only city employee where this phenomenon exists, it is pretty rampant throughout the city.

Assistant City Manager Kara Petty was making $96,999 as assistant Parks and Recreation Director now makes $153,664 annually.

The list goes on and on.

We will not even mention the fact oh I guess I just did, that reliable sources say many of the promotions go hand in hand with sexual affairs with other high rankings, married city officials. I do not care who you all screw and cheat on in your marriages, but when it comes to the city we care.

The citizens of Deerfield Beach need to see in black and white the numbers, over the past two years of salary increases in Deerfield Beach. Follow the money.




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