Batmasian – Who Is Batmasian We Hardly Know Them- Deerfield Mayor And Commissioner Drosky Suffer From Amnesia beach,Fl- After taking their money and a bunch of it and voting for their projects, all of a sudden Mayor and Drosky have amnesia. That is what I saw in a local newspaper article, the two Deerfield Beach Batmasian fans trying to put distance between themselves and the Batmasians. Batmasian who should be the headline of the story, hell we hardly know them.

Come on boys we know what the facts are. Mayor you have not ever voted against a Batmasian project, have you?

Surprised by TV10 WPLG Bob Norman and a surprise visit to a recent Deerfield Beach commission meeting Mayor Ganz and commissionerDrosky all of a sudden do not know, I mean they hardly know them and took just a little bit of money from Batmasians. They could not even be insinuated in any situation where Batmasians have an interest to be seen as favoring the Batmasians, nope we(The People of Deerfield) are too stupid to think that. These guys have only the best interest of all of the citizens of Deerfield Beach in their thoughts and actions these two are saintly. How dare we plain folks question their conflicts of interest. How dare we Facebook posters and bloggers who were staunch Jean Robb supporters question the actions of our elected Mayor and Commissioner, even if what they are doing they should not be doing.

No mayor the water is not just fine, we have water treatment plant problems. You can not just” BullShit” your way out of these real problems.

No Mayor you and Todd Drosky have conflict of interests voting on anything Batmasian and need to recuse yourselves each and everytime a vote comes to the commission. That, of course, assumes what you already have done does not get you into trouble like it did Mayor Haynie.

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