Beach, has done two recent posts both about Deerfield Beach-based PeoplesTrust Insurance.

In one instance it is the long story short version they are suing their own policyholders and in record numbers.The law-suits include 113 against the company’s customers in Miami-Dade, 38 in Broward and 10 in Palm Beach County.Yes suing their policyholders in the tri-county area.Nice way to treat your customers, sue them.




The second the current CEO is suing his former partner’s widow saying he overpaid her for her half of the company. CEO George Schaeffer is suing Eileen Gold in Palm Beach County Circuit court she is the widow of co-founder Mike Gold. Stating the company had suffered millions in losses Schaeffer says he overpaid his former partner’s widow by millions. Maybe Mr.Schaeffer has never heard of due diligence, suing your ex-partners widow?


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