Beach, Fl- Twenty-three times, not thirty-nine “Are You F*cking Kidding Me”. This Democrat had a tough time watching Sheriff Israel get pummeled by Jake Tapper. Sheriff you and BSO failed the students and teachers of Parkland.The buck stops with you, sir. Do the right thing resign from your office.

Mayor Ganz not sure what the death count or how many are sick from your negligence is yet, but the water has problems and until you admit that and you lied about not going to Jean Robb’s funeral you too should resign. No one needs a “Lying Bully” as Mayor.

This is what failed leadership looks like when a picture is worth $14.6 Million Dollars and 17 lost lives and 15 more destroyed by bullets and in recovery.

Well, folks, I guess we have no choice, but to vote them out of office or can you say RECALL.


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