Beach, Fl-So now it is against the law in Deerfield Beach to take pictures inside of the city hall lobby? That is what the receptionist implied and in fact told me she called BSO while I was there to pick up a public records request.Is this what our mayor has installed in our city employees, “Gestapo Tactics” of a citizen not allowed to take a picture in a public building in public.

Now those who understand the Constitution would say once again my rights were infringed upon and threatened by this city employee.

Above are the pictures and a copy of our record we picked up for 90 cents the payment of 90cents, which by the way is more of our Mayor via “Public Record Requests” intentionally nickel and diming the media and trying to stifle it.

Instead of attacking citizens “Constitutional Rights” I suggest we have someone pick up the broken sign in the city parking lot before you have a slip and fall case for negligence.