Beach, Fl-Have to say while it was nice to not have to get undressed and remove my shoes and send my laptop in a bin and take off my belt, empty everything from my pockets and send my wallet thru in the bin as well.

Only a simple walk thru the magnetometer and my briefcase x-rayed, that was my experience this week at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International. No other items or my person checked.

Have we become complacent, have we forgotten what we have learned.I do not like waiting in those lines and being hassled, but I thought it was “Safety First”.

The same trip had me leaving from Newark Airport where the normal take off your shoes, belt, and wallet in the bin. Nothing in your pockets full scan and x-ray of all carry-ons and items in the bin. Also after leaving the scan, I had a secondary pat down as I had baggy jeans on. Certainly, the screening at Newark was more thorough.

TSA precheck seems a bit dangerous and all passengers should be screened,  I would rather wait and be safe then have some terrorist with a box cutter or worse on my jet.


Security Screening

TSA incorporates unpredictable security measures, both seen and unseen, to accomplish our transportation security mission.

Security measures begin long before you arrive at the airport. TSA works closely with the intelligence and law enforcement communities to share information. Additional security measures are in place from the time you get to the airport until you get to your destination.

TSA adjusts processes and procedures to meet the evolving threat and to achieve the highest levels of transportation security. Because of this, you may notice changes in our procedures from time to time.

TSA counts on the traveling public to report unattended bags or packages; individuals in possession of a threatening item; and persons trying to enter a restricted area or similar suspicious activities at airports, train stations, bus stops and ports. If You See Something, Say Something™. Report suspicious activity to local law enforcement.

Passenger screening at the airport is part of TSA’s layered approach to security to get you safely to your destination. TSA’s screening procedures are intended to prevent prohibited items and other threats to transportation security from entering the sterile area of the airport and are developed in response to information on threats to transportation security. Learn more by viewing this timeline of transportation security events and measures.




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