Beach,Fl-In a city that did not want to fess up we have issues with our one and only water treatment plant.

$14.6 million dollars is on the schedule for capital improvements for “Potable Water”.  The city is getting ready for upgrades and it will cost 14.6 million. Now my question is when we were asking about problems at the water treatment plant why did we not get straight answers and an explanation of what was really going on?

The city which as we have been told by our sources is still not in compliance with our last failed inspection.Yes it is the items on the to do list of 14.6 million that caused us to fail our State of Florida Dept of Health inspection last year.Remember when they ( the city of Deerfield Beach) said no problem here the water meets federal standards.Then Deerfield-News obtained the photos from the  State of Florida  Department of Health and Deerfield Beach seemed to not want the public to see them.The State of Florida went as far as to have their general counsel contact Deerfield-News and ask us to remove the photos we had obtained from them via a public records request.


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