Beach,Fl-Sometimes friends have to agree to disagree.This is probably one of those cases.No secret liberal Democrat from Jersey even though my hometown is as  Conservative as it gets.Time for all the closet “Conservative” pot smokers to step forward and cut the BS.As with many things NIMBY is a factor, I understand and do agree that where dispensaries are located should be a consideration.That said some believe Federal Highway in Deerfield should not be one of them.

Conservatives can not have it both ways,states rights are states rights. The people of Florida have spoken the vote was clear if anything it does not go far enough.Yes I know not all Conservatives are against marijuana legalization or marijuana for medicinal use.

Since  2015 Broward Sheriff Israel has been in favor of fines and downgrade of the penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

In August in a 3-2 vote Deerfield Beach Commissioners Battle and Parness and Mayor Ganz voted yes for Deerfield dispensaries.

Commissioner Drosky and Vice Mayor Miller voted no and voiced concerns.We believed then as now Deerfield Beach did the right thing by approving what the voters in Florida voted for.

I listened to conservative talk radio today and thought some were going to have convulsions as CNN showed a reporter in Colorado taking a hit from a bong on live TV. Floridas dispensaries will not be dispensing anything like Colorado or California and in that I think we have not gone far enough. We are in 2018 the majority of states have enacted laws for medical use of marijuana. Florida like I said did not go far enough and until the next elections we will have to function with the law we have.

The science is in on the benefits of cannabis.

My belief is if an adult chooses to do it like alcohol they should have that right,regulate it, tax it and  control it.

For sure it is time for the Federal government to allow states their rights.Time to remove antiquated marijuana laws that make it a class 1 narcotic and a felony.Time to watch and learn from Colorado, Washington and California tax it regulate it and control it.The greatest concern I have is how law enforcement can effectively determine the quantity of THC in the blood so people do not drive while impaired,same as they should not drive when they drank too much.There ought to be an app for that.


Florida Medical Marijuana Law


Not Yet Operational

Law Signed:



  • ALS
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Chronic nonmalignant pain*
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • PTSD
  • Seizures
  • Terminal illness (patients diagnosed with no more than 12-months to live)
  • Other debilitating medical conditions comparable to those enumerated*Defined as “pain that is either caused by or originates from a qualifying medical condition”


Patients who possess a physician’s recommendation may legally obtain medical cannabis provided by state licensed dispensaries. A qualified physician may not issue a physician certification for more than three 70-day supply limits of marijuana. The Department of Health shall quantify by rule a daily dose amount with equivalent dose amounts for each allowable form of marijuana dispensed by a medical marijuana treatment center. Qualified patients are not permitted to possess use, or administer “marijuana in a form for smoking, in the form of commercially produced food items other than edibles, or marijuana seeds or flowers, except for flower in a sealed, tamper-proof receptacle for vaping.”






Dispensaries specializing in low-THC/high-CBD products (defined as at least ten percent CBD and no more than 0.8 percent THC) are now operational.


Yes. A “caregiver” means a person who is at least twenty-one (21) years old who has agreed to assist with a qualifying patient’s medical use of marijuana and has qualified for and obtained a caregiver identification card issued by the Department of Health. The Department may limit the number of qualifying patients a caregiver may assist at one time and the number of caregivers that a qualifying patient may have at one time.





Department of Health regulators must finalize rules by July 3, 2018. The law must be implemented by October 3, 2018.
Read the full text of SB-8, the Amendment 2 implementation bill »