Beach,Fl-The truth is the truth.You can no longer just call liberals snowflakes and say everything is great  and be sticking your fingers in your ears pretending not to hear every time you hear Mueller’s name.and the word indictment.”No Collusion” is delusion it appears you are guilty of at least covering up and obstructing.No alternate facts,no fake news,no bizarro world the truth is the truth.Mr President the Access Hollywood tape is not fake and it is your voice and you on the tape and video..The FBI is not in tatters, the tweeting of nonsense and false statements must stop the truth is the truth.

The chants of lock her up are now turned and the tables have turned and are facing this administration.There is trouble in paradise.President Trump has a severe problem Flynn is no coffee boy ,he like Mannafort were integral parts of the Trump campaign.They are not some sort of casual contacts they were KEY members of your team!

I do not remember the term unindicted co-cospirator from my childhood for nothing.Trump’s tweeting is the end of his Presidency he should have learned this lesson already,his lawyers have failed to explain how this is all going to bite him in the ass.

.No one can  ignore the contact between this campaign and Russia.All the nothing to see here and nothing burgers are coming to bite the Trump administration right in the ass and soon.

Sorry my conservative friends and readers the truth is the truth.

Jr. and Kushner are next to be indicted.

This administration is in deep sh$T.

What Pence and Trump knew and when they knew it are what it is coming down to just like in Watergate..