Beach,Fl-I am not sure what the issue is, a piece of HTML is what we are contends our underwater pier cam is a public record and is not copyrighted and we have a right to simulcast this material the video generates in real time.We see nothing in any statute nor has the City of Deerfield Beach provided us with any.To the contrary they have not responded with any legal answer .I am not sure they understand new digital laws and how they apply to a request like ours.. The material on their website if it is a video they are generating is an actual public record each and every second it is streaming. We are entitled to that information .There is nothing in the law giving you the right to deny us this and it is only HTML.


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Date: Sun, Nov 05, 2017 4:32 pm
To: “Rebecca Medina” <>
Cc: “Mayor Ganz” <>
A lot of time has passed .My request for access to the city of Deerfield Beach “Cam” is legitimate.Neither you or the city have been able to explain why you are denying this right to “Public Information” that is not copyrighted?I respectfully ask this request be taken care of without further delay.