Beach,Fl-Again there will be plenty of time for Crowley and the other US Flagged Vessels protected by The Jones Act,to make plenty of billions more!

Now is not the time to be promoting via social media The Jones Act,now is the time to suspend it!

Let’s get the help to Puerto Rico and it’s citizens the fastest way possible and that means suspending temporarily The Jones Act.

Deerfield News I understand distribution is a problem and there are containers in the port.There are drivers that will not drive 9000 gallons of fuel without police or National Guard protection.The situation is complicated,That said suspend The Act for 90 days to allow whomever can deliver fastest is what needs to be done along with a lot of other things.I am a long time Crowley customer as well as Sea Star,Sea Barge,been shipping used tires from Deerfield Beach/Fort Lauderdale and Germany to Puerto Rico since 1988..

 Drivers cannot get from their homes to the port the roads are still not passable in all places. I understand the difficulties,The Jones Act is the last monkey wrench needed.

The domestic maritime industry, of which Crowley is a part, has responded to Hurricane Maria in a big way. The American Maritime Partnership reports 3,000 containers filled with goods were expedited and arrived in Puerto Rico ahead of the storm. U.S. carriers have moved approximately 9,500 containers of goods to the island after Maria; the Jones Act fleet deployed in Puerto Rico has the capacity to carry more than 4,000 containers per week to the island; and the largest U.S. container ship in the trade can carry enough cargo to fill 1,900 cargo planes. Learn more here:

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Howard Levy You should be the first ones saying to Waive The Jones Act Temporarily the right thing to do.People are dying,not the time to promote the Jones Act. SHAME ON CROWLEY!
A long time customer and shipper.I read your promotional piece on FB and in your shipping trade magazine,nonsense BS!
I understand The Jones Act,please do not insult those of us who have to live under it and are subject to it.
Do The Right Thing Call For It To Be Suspended!