Beach,Fl-The Mayor “Bull$hittng Bill” Ganz must take us the citizens of Deerfield Beach are a group of stupid idiots.

Let’s review said he was out of town and could not be reached by any form of communication from the Thursday prior to late Mayor Jean Robb’s funeral on a Sunday.

He said Cove Hotel project not his job,ask the developer.There seems to be some video that mysteriously disappeared from your talk at Royal Fiesta which is on this topic The Cove Hotel?

When asked about who attended “Public Hearing ,held during State of Emergency at City Hall.

Our Mayor “Bull$hitting Bill” Ganz-“He said-We do not have a sign-in requirement for the public attendance. But members of the public did attend. Any action taken by the City Commission requires the public to be heard on the particular item. Members of the press were in attendance”.

Mayor Could not remember there were only two members of the public? Come on folks if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck,quacks like a duck it is a duck.He is a LIAR!

I did not report this The Observer did.This is not a matter of not being nice.The man was elected Mayor,no constituent deserves to be lied to.


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