Deerfield Beach,Fl-Where Walgreen’s failed,it appears Wawa has had luck! Newly obtained site plans show Wawa does have a “curb cut” allowing entrance from Hillsboro Boulevard to east bound traffic.Anyone who shopped at the now closed Walgreen ‘s knows it was like entering a cornfield maze.Appears Wawa has been able to get what Walgreen’s could not a “curb cut.” While it appears to be tight and very close to I-95 entrance the “curb cut”,will probably make all the difference between success and failure at the Jim Moran Boulevard and Hillsboro Boulevard Wawa.

Here is a corporate timeline of the northeasts well run Wawa convencience store chain.

 A look back on the first 50 years of Wawa memories and milestones, including the first store in 1964, launches of your favorite Wawa products, our expansion to Florida, and more!

  • 1960’s
  • April 16, 1964

    The first Wawa Food Market opens in Folsom, PA

  • 1968

    The first New Jersey store opens

  • 1969

    The first Delaware store opens

  • 1969

    Wawa Kitchens offer foods like hamburgers and fried chicken

  • 1970’s
  • 1970

    Pre-made hoagies and sandwiches are introduced

  • 1972

    A new slogan “People on the Go – Go to Wawa Food Markets” is introduced

  • 1972

    Wawa opens 100th store in Marlton, NJ

  • 1972

    Wawa stores stay open round-the-clock

  • 1974

    The Goose and gold background are added to the Wawa logo

  • 1975

    Wawa stores begin brewing and selling fresh coffee

  • 1978

    The 200th Wawa store opens in Souderton, NJ

  • 1980’s
  • 1980

    Wawa wins “Best of Philly” award for coffee

  • 1981

    Customers tell us “We Do It Just a Little Bit Better,” which becomes the new advertising slogan

  • 1982

    Wawa separates the deli from the checkout counter for speedier service

  • 1984

    Hoagies are now Built-to-Order

  • 1984

    Hot foods are introduced: Here comes the Meatball Express!

  • 1985

    The 300th store opens in Woodstown, NJ

  • 1986

    Wawa wins “Best of Philly” award for coffee and deli

  • 1988

    Camp Wawa and Wawa University debut, providing Associates with state-of-the-art training and educational opportunities

  • 1988

    The President’s Club is launched to recognize and celebrate Wawa’s store managers

  • 1990’s
  • 1991

    Wawa Dairy takes top honors in Master Dairy’s Quality Product Awards

  • 1992

    The Shorti Hoagie is introduced

  • 1992

    The Wawa Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is formalized

  • 1992

    The first Hoagie Day is held at Philadelphia City Hall on May 7

  • 1992

    Wawa opens 500th store

  • 1994

    First “super store” opens in Tinicum, PA. It was 5,700 sq. ft. and had 50+ parking spots

  • 1995

    ATMs are installed in all Wawa stores; to this day, there is no surcharge 

  • 1996

    The Sizzli breakfast sandwich is introduced

  • 1996

    First fuel store opens in Millsboro, DE

  • 1998

    First store in Virginia opens

  • 1998

    The Wawa Bakery is introduced

  • 1999

    The “Rendelli” hoagie is featured at Hoagie Day to raise funds for education

  • 1999

    The “My Choice, My Wawa” campaign debuts

  • 2000’s
  • 2002

    Wawa’s famous Touch Screen Ordering is installed in all stores

  • 2002

    The Wawa Dairy celebrates its 100th anniversary

  • 2003

    Hot, stuffed pretzels hit the warmer!

  • 2004

    The 24 oz. coffee cup – Big 24! – is introduced

  • 2004

    “Gottahava Wawa” is launched

  • 2005

    Toasting begins in stores

  • 2006

    200th fuel store opens

  • 2006

    Wawa’s annual charitable giving tops $5.6 million

  • 2008

    Coffeetopia celebrates Wawa’s coffee selection

  • 2008

    100% Colombian brew is launched

  • 2009

    Wawa customers and associates donate almost 3,000 pints of blood in the annual blood drives

  • 2010’s
  • 2010

    Built-to-Order Smoothies and Frozen Cappuccinos are launched

  • 2010

    April 14, 2010: 1 billionth surcharge-free ATM transaction is celebrated!

  • 2012

    First Florida store opens in Orlando on July 18

  • 2012

    Associate ownership increases to 38%

  • 2012

    Freshly made Specialty Beverages like Hot & Iced Lattes, Hot Chocolates, and more are launched

  • 2012

    Nametags “Proudly Associate Owned”

  • 2013

    Rolls are baked fresh in stores

  • 2014

    Wawa celebrates its 50th Anniversary


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