Beach,Fl-In getting ready for their new tenant CVS,Brixmoor,(NYSE) a commercial real estate company who in their commercials talks about the good it does for their tenants,seems that might not be so true.Today employees of Boston Market shut down the restaurant and are awaiting the Brinks truck to take away the final deposit.

CVS will be moving from Trail Plaza into a free standing building in Century Plaza.

Brixmoor officals according to our sources went ahead weeks ago and informed Boston Market employees that their lease was going to be terminated. Brixmoor will not be not renewing Boston Market’s lease said a Brixmoor executive to employees working at the Deerfield store,not management.In a move that should have been left to Boston Market’s management it seems Brixmoor was a bully.

Today the Boston Market is offically closed.Employees and workers can be seen emptying the contents of the Boston Market at Century has reported this move was coming,it is the way executives from Brixmoor handled it that should cause the real estate giant shame.

Boston Market has no comment about the situation nor is it sharing information as to where it will open again in Deerfield Beach.Construction on a free standing building for CVS will begin shorlty.As the construction begins additonal traffic issues are sure to be created for those who drive Hillsboro Blvd. and Military Trail.This corner where construction on Hillsboro and Military already has traffic issues at peak hours has witnessed several emergency vehicles navigate with difficulty through the already congested construction site.Additional construction is sure to cause more traffic delays,both ways.


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