Deerfield-News.com -Deerfield Beach,Fl-Deerfield Beaches Century Village condo nightmare!
What exactly is going on at Ventnor B?
Deerfield -news.com has attempted to contact the parties involved and as of this post ,no return emails or calls.
This Condo has A HALF OCCUPIED BUILDING,been in an ongoing legal battle that has taken years and still apparently has no solution in site.
The situation arose from a fire in the building that destroyed 10 of the twenty units.Since the fire it has been motion after motion and lawsuit and counter lawsuit on top of lawsuit.
Upon arriving today you would think the fire minus all the repairs that have been done,which apparently is at the “jist” of this Contractor v sub-contractor v Condo association v Master Association,well you get the point; had just occurred as Crime Scene type of police tape has been strewn acrross building.