Boost MobileBoost Mobile 2

BREAKING NEWS Beach,Fl-The Boost Mobile store located at 1668 West Hillsboro was robbed by 2 armed men this afternoon.The shopping center where Boost Mobile is located is on the southwest corner  of Military Trail and Hillsboro Boulevard .The store is located just west of the North County Courthouse which is usually full of deputies and police officers getting ready to testify in various cases, as well as those who work there as well as those coming and going all day long.Due to today’s holiday the Courthouse was closed.

Reports from BSO at this time are sketchy.Apparently the 2 masked men locked the door behind them when entering then restrained an employee and customer in the back room. While robbing the store and attempting to get into the safe.The two masked robbers fled thru the back door of Boost Mobile.Crime scene tape was still at the back door and across the parking lot and alley when we posted this report.


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