cjstrail plaza

Deerfield-News.com-Deefield Beach Fl,-Sources have told us Packys Sports Bar and Grill is in negotiations with the landlord of Trail Plaza to lease the former CJ DRAFTHOUSE to the owners of Packys Sports Bar and Grill in West Boca.Our source says the deal is as  close to done as it can be. No confirmation from Landlord and or Packys management as of this posting.Deerfields Trail Plaza is going to be losing one of its anchor tenants CVS shortly as it moves into Century Plaza with a free standing building.Deerfield-News.com has been posting about this move, has obtained copies of the plans they are posted below.

Trail plaza has had CJs space vacant before and had to re-lease a couple of times.

Trail Plaza has a lot to offer a restauranteur/sports bar owner to lease as the interior has the complete  kitchen and the location already was zoned and approved  for Bar/Restaurant.We are going to stay on this trying to confirm it from either party.



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