Seven 11 2.59 Beach Fl,- The following are the current prices for your local Deerfield Beach gasoline retailer. Prices are nearing 2.50 a gallon at many stations. The 7-11 on Green Road and Powerline Road is the cheapest as of this AM on the west side of Deerfield Beach at 2.59 a Gallon for Unleaded.We drove Hillsboro from Military to Powerline then went south to Green Road and visited every gas station on the way these two are the cheapest.

Shell 265 Next week we will be back on US 1 and Dixie Highway as well as Tenth Street on the eastside of Deerfield Beach.According to oil and auto industry experts South Florida Retail gas prices should see 2.50 a gallon gas coming this week with even bigger drops ahead.