Photos Michelle Shipley Beach, Fl-Out in Coconut Creek what was once unincorporated Broward County lies the remains of a Broward county legend. Deenies Hideaway a fixture out on West Hillsboro Boulevard for as long as many can remember has closed its doors. The infamous swingers club is rumored to have had its share of celebrities and local politicians and judges as patrons through the years. Rumors of folks like Ron Jeremy as well as famous female porn stars. Al Goldstein the founder and publisher of “Screw” magazine were said to have patronized Deenies.  Local judges and local politicians also had a hankering for the place as well as local sports figures and celebrities. Styled in the fashion of Platos Retreat the sex club was for swingers and sold memberships. Famous for their upstairs orgy rooms and cubby holes and the infamous pool. Many in Broward have wondered how they skirted local laws and law enforcement for all those years.