Deerfield Beach Gas Stations Some Are Without Gas,Others With Lines Some Stores With Empty Shelves on Water Beach, has and is driving the city to see who has gas and water.Please feel free to post any good information you have about a local store or station that have product.Late last night stations were out,as well as BSO at Dailey’s Shell to keep order and the lines from blocking traffic.Some local stores walmart,Publix Walgreens and more have temporarily run out of water and other highly sought items.Most have said they are getting in more shipments multiple times a day.I have to say I saw most people still being nice to one another,let’s keep that up.We are all in this together,no sense starting arguments,I know it is hot and patience can run low.Let’s take an example from Texas and help one another where we can.
Updated-10 Am Wednesday all 3 gas stations on Powerline and Hillsboro have fuel. Also Cumberland Farms on US 1 has premium fuel.Updates to follow as we check in with local gas retailers as to their tanker truck deliveries of which most are expecting today.We are also working to see who has water and propane available.Ice seems to still be available at most gas stations.

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