Deerfield Beach $37 Million Bond A Done Deal Citizens Have No Say Because It is Capital Improvement Bond Beach,Fl-Strange how we all missed the “Good News”that The Sun-Sentinel published and it seems no city of Deerfield Beach official posted it on any social media.
Nor did any city employee who in the past felt it necessary to post on my Facebook page or email me,when they thought I was missing a fact.This time they felt compelled to tell no one other than The Sun-Sentinel it appears.
“Deerfield Beach city commissioners approved borrowing $37 Million (some say now 39 Million) structured as a bond issue,some of which will produce instant,results,the rest of which will be spent on capital improvements.According to the Sun-Sentinel Mayor Bill Ganz explained that because this is a bond issue to finance capital improvements,not a general obligation bond, the public will not have an opportunity to vote on it.So folks as sources had told us prior to this article,it is a done deal and we Deerfield Beach taxpayers are stuck with it like it or not!
Talk about a government of the people,by the people and for the people not in Deerfield Beach where our newly elected commission seems they know best!

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