BREAKING- In Deerfield Beach It’s Festivus For the Rest Of Us! Beach,Fl

Today according to Seinfeld is Festivus a fictional holiday where you set forward your grievances with others. In a year where political correctness is out the window.

The City of Deerfield Beach,still remains unchallenged in it’s removal of The Festivus Pole. The general  pain in the ass to the City Commission Chaz Stevens is behind this Deerfield controversy. The Festivus Pole which became an issue in Deerfield Beach prior to all the Shenanigans in Boca Raton regarding “The Satanic Display” placed by middle school teacher Mr. Preston Smith.

“Festivus For The Rest of Us” was brought to Deerfield Beach residents by Ojun Provocateur and pain in the ass to the City Commission Chaz Stevens. Stevens a local blogger usually has requested from the City Invocation privileges where he will deliver a satanic invocation prior to public meetings. Such Shenanigans are not new for Stevens who for the last four years has planted his Festivus Pole on North Federal Highway and Us1.

Deerfield Beach considers this a Free Expression area, but removed the pole.

That said Deerfield Beach has remained unchallenged in removing that Festivus Pole from a Free Speech Zone.

The City never denied they removed it “The Festivus Pole” and Stevens seems unwilling to challenge them and protect his First Amendment rights in Federal Court.

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