Beach,Fl-Remember how we have no issues,no rust at our water treatment plant,remember how no one would admit we have issues and were put on notice after our inspection from the State of Florida.How are all the repairs needed at the water treatment plant going? We have asked and will let you know as soon as we receive the information. has been approached by a couple of folks who say Boca Raton is just waiting for a “payback” to Deerfield Beach.Apparently for our lack of hospitality several years ago when Boca Raton needed water and they opened the spigot.Boca Raton apparently according to our sources was let’s say “they felt overcharged” for the use of Deerfield’s water.

Remember our water treatment plant could be rendered out of service at any given moment by a natural diaster,we have no second plant in the city.Plan B is our neighbor to the north Boca Raton and the use of the “Spigot”. Our sources  say they are pissed off it would seem prudent for Deerfield Beach officials to clear this up with Boca sooner rather than later.