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Century Plaza,CVS Pharmacy, Boston Market and City of Deerfield Beach


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Deerfield-News.com Deerfield Beach Fl-In our earlier story about Century Plaza and CVS we were  focusing on the fines, many of them decades old  that are going to be collected by the City of Deerfield Beach.These fines stem from decades of unauthorized modifications,changes and additions illegally done by Century Plaza.Our sources say the city of Deerfield Beach is owed Hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.

The email Deerfield-News.com has received also questions if CVS is moving out of Trail Plaza and into Century Plaza,where is Boston Market moving to? Originally a Mister Grocer convenience store the Boston market has become a staple for residents of CVE and others in the Deerfield Beach for many years now.


Trying to find out the answer to that question has become a mission for us at Deerfield-News.com to find out where Boston Market will go,will they stay nearby,or in Deerfield Beach at all?We have tried to contact with no response yet,Trail plaza owners and Boston Market.

Our thinking in contacting Trail Plaza was that possibly they are going to take the space vacated by CVS.Our sources have confirmed that is not the case.The most likely move apparently is to the Publix shopping center on Powerline Road and Hillsboro Blvd. There is a huge vacancy there from when Walgreens moved out and built their free standing building on the East side of Powerline Road just south of Hillsboro Boulevard.Deerfield-News.com will follow up on both the questions of when and how much is the city exactly owed and when do they expect to collect it.As well we will follow up on what and where becomes of Boston Market in Deerfield Beach.