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Broward Sheriffs Office Deerfield Beach Bulletin 11-18 -14-11-24-2014


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Case #101411002728 Criminal Mischief

Cunningham,John WM 60,Victim of criminal mischief reported 11-18

4084 Westbury H  Victim states on 11-17 eve someone cut 4 car tires on 2 cars victim owns Victim estimated damage at 297 dollars unsure of who might have done.

Officer Setien,J  R

Case# 101411002718-Theft from Building

Georgia,George W F 89,Victim of theft from building at 255 SW 3rd Ave Deerfield Beach-Victim left her purse on lobby sofa,known neighbor spotted the purse and stole items  including cash.Captured on video taken for evidence.Officer Edwards-Dema

Zone 1001 500 SE 21 AVE

Case #LW 101411002716- Municipal Ordinance Violation

Received call from City of Deerfield Beach- Lifeguard Supervisor who advised he received a  call from life guard at tower #7

of a male, near the rock pile behind Beach Condos,  male seen masturbating in open public view. Arrestee observed to be holding his penis in his right hand while attempting to pull up his shorts with his left and ID verified by lifeguard as same male seen masturbating,arrestee charged with city ordinance violation of  indecent behavior.

Officer Brownell,R.A.



Burglary Residence-Andrew Hoffman 745 Siesta Key Circle of Burglary Victim,Complaintant advised that burglary had to have occurred between 930 and 1700 hours

Officer Weiner,M


Case #101411002936-Burglary conveyance

Rommel Mendez reported he parked his car at 3921 Crystal lake Drive apartments parking lot car was left unlocked.In the morning victim found that unknown person had entered the vehicle and removed duffel bag of clothes,a spotlight and phone charger all valued at 200 Dollars.

Officer- Bridgman,D.K


Case#101411002995- Burglary Residence-Sandra Lea Bates 171 Newport K Victim,Reported burglary ,Unknown suspect cut/ripped patio screen and entered residenc through sliding glass door. Items missing were a couple of jewelry boxes valued at 50 Dollars.

Officer Diaz,D

Case #101411002999-Theft Retail/Shoplifting-Target at 3599 West Hillsboro.Suspect was arrested  after using receipts to return similar unpaid for items.Suspect also responsible for other area thefts.TOT Tamarac booking for special processing by SID unit investigating organized thefts.



Case#101411003163-Criminal Mischief

Robert Cutolo Victim,107 Centennial Court-Unknown subjects painted lense on security camera,Homeowner Vutuolo is a Board member of HOA at Independence bay..Three incidents have been reported recently including,paint splattered on vehicle and paint splattered on  his home.


JM Family Enterprise Inc.at 300 Jim Moran Blvd Reported a stolen license plate.JM reported Manufacturers License Plate A 08696 was stolen it had been attached to Toyota Camry parked at rear of the building.

Case#10141100324-Resist Arrest

State of Florida victim,at 300NW 1st Terrace.Subject was operating a motor vehicle without a valid license,and not wearing seat belt .Subject gave false DOB and nameSubject was arrested for violation of probation,resisting without violence.Subject was transported to main jail in Ft.Lauderdale

Officer- Wallach,M



Victim of information at 300 N Ocean Drive.Disturbance between restaurant patrons

Officer- Caravello,W

Case#101411003386-Burglary conveyance

Elijah Cooley Victim at 731  SW 12Th Court  victim left his car unlocked went inside to shower,came back out cel phone missing.

Officer- Inneo,R


Case#101411003469-Criminal Mischief

Robert Cutolo Victim of criminal mischief at 107 Centennial Court.


Cutolo is a Board member of Independence Bay HOA,met with complaintant there was some unknown substance possibly glue poured on his vehicle.