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Top five breakfast spots in Deerfield Beach



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Deerfield-News.com Deerfield Beach Fl-According to Deerfield-News.com readers,the following are the top 5 restaurants in town for breakfast.We asked several questions about location,scenery,menu,food quality,and service.All readers also had a chance in comments section to add any  personal comments. By way of a point system we totaled the points and the following are our readers choices.Honorable mention to Marlees at number 5 and Olympia Flame  at number four both places have been in Deerfield Beach for years and have their regulars along with plenty of homemade pies and cakes,pancakes,french toast and more.These two diners are staples along Federal Highway.

Number three is a newcomer and really only accessible to Century Village East residents.The Clubhouse Diner.Located behind CVE clubhouse,originally Irv and Joes in the seventies.  The Clubhouse diner came in strong with its location for residents of CVE and the menu. Favorites varied from pancakes to”Latkes” potato pancakes to pastrami omelettes extensive Diner/Deli type food. High on the list were the home fries ,one reader claimed” better than Palm Beach Bagels home fries and I thought they were the best I had ever eaten”

Number two is Deerfield Beach newcomer First Watch a longtime staple on Floridas west coast and in Boca with two locations.First watch is located at corner of Powerline and Hillsboro Boulevard in strip stores  in front Publix . Serving eggs,omelettes,waffles, pancakes homefries and more,according to our poll least favorite were the homefries,one readers comments were no onion no pepper not much flavor looks like they came out of a box from wholesale food purveyor Sysco Foods.

Number One is Deerfield Cafe on the beach.Hands down the favorite of our readers that it was the food and location.Hard to beat being on Deerfield Beach with an outside patio facing the beach feet from the sugar sand of Deerfields Beach, inside almost every seat has great beach view too.From waffles and pancakes to bagels and danish,omelettes and homefries and hash browns,friendly service makes this Deerfield Beaches favorite.