Deerfield-News.cm-Deerfield Beach,Fl-According to a recent DBPR inspection Miyi La Cubanita on Powerline Road was temporarily closed. Below is the full report of the inspection.The southern location below 10th Street was the closed store.


Name: MIYIS CUBAN CAFE INC License Number: SEA1618420
Rank: Seating License Expiration Date: 12/01/2023
Primary Status: Current Secondary Status: Active
Location Address: 1380 S POWERLINE RD
Inspection Information
Inspection Type Inspection Date Result High Priority Violations Intermediate Violations Basic Violations
Routine – Food 08/16/2023 Facility Temporarily Closed
Operations ordered stopped until violations are corrected.
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A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below. The department cites violations of Florida’s sanitation and safety laws, which are based on the standards of U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code. High Priority violations are those which could contribute directly to a foodborne illness or injury and include items such as cooking, reheating, cooling and hand-washing. Intermediate violations are those which, if not addressed, could lead to risk factors that contribute to foodborne illness or injury. These violations include personnel training, documentation or record keeping and labeling. Basic violations are those which are considered best practices to implement. While most establishments correct all violations in a timely manner (often during the inspection), the division’s procedures are designed to compel compliance with all violations through follow-up visits, administration action or closure when necessary.
Violation Observation
35A-03-4 Basic – Dead roaches on premises. 1 dead roach observed under triple sink **Warning**
12A-13-4 High Priority – Employee handled soiled equipment or utensils and then engaged in food preparation, handled clean equipment or utensils, or touched unwrapped single-service items without washing hands. Observed employee exit building touch outside tables and chairs then proceed to handle single service cup and ice scoop without first washing hands **Warning**
12A-29-4 High Priority – Employee touched soiled surface and then engaged in food preparation, handled clean equipment or utensils, or touched unwrapped single-service items without washing hands. Observed employee sweeping floor with broom then proceed to handle plated food without washing hands. **Warning**
22-45-4 High Priority – Food-contact surfaces not sanitized after cleaning, before use. Do not use equipment/utensils not properly sanitized. Observed employee conducting ware washing at triple sink by washing and rinsing. No sanitize step and triple sink not set up. Employee set up triple at 100ppm **Warning**
12A-09-4 High Priority – Single-use gloves not changed as needed after changing tasks or when damaged or soiled. Observed employee with gloved hands working with wares and triple sink then proceed to handle cook line utensils without changing gloves. **Warning**
31A-04-4 Intermediate – Handwash sink removed from food preparation/dishwashing area. Must be reinstalled in the same location where removed. Hand wash sink removed from prep area/warewashing area. This is the only hand wash sink in back of house area. Per operator employees are using triple sink to wash hands **Warning**
16-37-1 Intermediate – No chemical test kit provided when using sanitizer at three-compartment sink/warewashing machine or wiping cloths. No chlorine test kit provided for ware washing/sanitizer buckets **Warning**
31A-12-4 Intermediate – No handwash sink for employees. Hand wash sink at front counter was not functioning. Operator removed. Hand wash sink in ware washing/ cook line removed prior to inspection. Only hand wash sink for establishment is in restroom. Operator went to gather needed equipment to reinstall hand wash sinks. **Warning**
45-02-4 Portable fire extinguisher gauge in red zone. For reporting purposes only. Observed fire extinguisher on cook line in red zone