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Boca Raton Journalist Andrew Colton Of Boca News Now.com Seems To Have Publix Ready To Begin To Enforce Federal And State Laws Pertaining To Dogs Being Brought Into Publix Supermarkets


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-While not a subject all agree on,bringing non service animals into food establishments violate federal and state laws. Only “Service Animals” not Emotional Support Animals are allowed in these establishments. Publix has had at their front doors the laws posted for every customer to see. Enforcing the law seems to be something neither Publix ,Aldi,Winn Dixie Dunkin Donuts and many restaurants small and large fail to enforce.

Colton who has a trademark on “Boca Rudeton” posts things such as people parking in handicap spots or in fire lanes or taking up two parking spots for their cars as well as posting pictures sent to him by readers of folks bringing their dogs into food establishments.

Deerfield News.com has witnessed several dogs in Publix on West Hillsboro where I shop regularly. I have never seen any employee or manager approach these customers who in almost every case at best have Emotional Support Animals not “Service Animals”. I have snapped a couple of pictures of dogs in Publix ,but figured Andrew has this subject well under control. While not all of his readers comments are favorable it does appear more folks wish dogs that are not true service animals would not be allowed in food establishments.

One has to question what guidance if any the DBPR and Florida Department of Agriculture who inspect food establishments and supermarkets give to businesses on how to handle this situation.


This is a subject i would like my friends in the restaurant business to comment on. I understand the mentality of the dog owners in our area who think they are “PRIVELEGED”. We all love our fur babies and fur grand babies,but there is a time and a place and food establishments and supermarkets are not the place to bring your dog into if it is not a Service Animal.

BocaNewsNow.com has had extensive coverage with pictures sent by readers on the dogs in supermarkets and restaurants in the last few months.

Below is a post from yesterday from BocaNewsNow.com published by Andrew Colton who is also a morning radio host on Am news radio 610 WIOD.