Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-While the city attorney says he found no loopholes that would allow Deerfield beach commissioners to extend term years, many citizens don’ care if there was a loophole.  The city commission has voted for an initiative that would let voters vote on extending term limits, again.  Commissioner Parness is asking the amendment be placed on the November 2022 ballot. Today the term limits are two, consecutive four-year terms for both commissioners and mayor which were approved by voters in 2003. An option that allowed elected officials to extend their terms by petition was removed by voters four years later.

In a city where you can be a commissioner for 8 years and a Mayor for eight more, the citizens are in no mood for the commission to vote themselves a way for an extended term. In order to do this, a special election at a cost of about $35,000 to the taxpayers would be needed. Even Vice-Mayor Preston said the following” This shouldn’t come from a politician. It should come from the people . . . when a politician brings it forward, I have a problem with that.” He cast the “no” vote against approval.

Many residents have contacted us about the idea floated by Commissioner Parness to let the citizens vote, which they did once and rejected extending term limits. Parness seems hellbent on finding a way for himself to enjoy a seat on the city commission again. While to some that may seem like a good idea the reason for term limits is obvious, it is to keep our government from becoming too powerful and full of cronyism. Don’t worry Commissioner Parness the new blood that is desperately needed will find its way around city hall. Remember you were all once novices in city hall, and that is a good thing.