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The Broward Sheriff’s Office Deerfield Beach Community Outreach Resource and Education (CORE) team, under the guidance of BSO’s Deerfield Beach Captain Rodney Brimlow, has embarked on a fresh and innovative project aimed at planting a S.E.E.D. in Deerfield Beach.
Launched in February, the Skills Enhancement and Employment Development (S.E.E.D.) initiative focuses on teaching young adults how to apply, dress and interview for a job. The program was developed following multiple conversations between members of BSO’s Deerfield Beach CORE team and teens within the community who expressed their gap in knowledge on how to obtain employment. This lack of awareness created an opportunity for BSO to step in and educate.
Through a partnership with Deerfield Beach High School, nine students, with parental permission, were selected to participate in a series of three-hour classes that took place at the Deerfield Beach Woman’s Club over a span of four Saturdays. The class curriculum, which was crafted with assistance from volunteer human resource expert Victoria Oropeza (XPO Logistics), concentrated on job application completion and submission, resumè writing, professional etiquette and demeanor, professional business attire and interview techniques.
During the course of the program, mentors worked with participants to draft professional resumès for future job searches. These newly-trained students were then outfitted and provided with appropriate interview-style clothing from Burlington Coat Factory using funds donated from community members. As part of their graduation, on the last day of class, these now-professionally-dressed students participated in numerous mock interviews with volunteers for jobs in the food-service industry, public safety, hospitality positions, child care, private industry, and several other fields. Students were challenged during these interviews and given opportunities to openly learn from and dialogue about the job interview experience.
Special guest speaker, NFL Player J.T. Thomas, encouraged students and provided valuable tips on obtaining and keeping a job in a career path of their choice, as well as the value of good work. J.T. Thomas further provided insight on his personal experiences throughout his successful football career and tips he learned in his professional life.
At the graduation ceremony, Captain Brimlow shared encouraging words and congratulated the students for completing the course, and presented each one with a certificate of completion.
BSO’s CORE team is extremely proud to announce that several of the participants have already secured employment immediately following their successful completion of the program. The S.E.E.D. initiative could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of BSO deputies, community partners, and so many local volunteers.

Gerdy St. Louis/PIO