We received the below email from a reader this morning. has requested the incident report from BSO. As well we are inquiring if the Sheriff maintains crime statistics and advice for the public about Deerfield Beach parks and their safety. We have also contacted the city of Deerfield Beach for any comments and advice to the public they may have.


“My Name is Tessa Westby Martin, I am sending you this message because I feel as if Other Parents needs to be made aware of this situation. On Saturday, October 19, 2019. My Fourteen Year old Daughter and Friends decided to go to Mayo Howard park which is in Deerfield Beach and two blocks away from Home. Our Children always go to this park and I considered it safe until this Day. My 14-Year-old Daughter Lyntess and Her 14-Year-old Friend was robbed at knifepoint by four Boys and Two Girls. They stole there iPhones, money, AirPods and everything they had in possession. She ran home crying and My Husband and I in return went back to the park and called the Police. They immediately responded and did an amazing Job and caught one suspect so far. My Daughter is extremely traumatized by this and is struggling to get it out of her head. The Police then told us there was another robbery there a week ago. I am A Nurse who became disabled from My battle with cancer and this has been extremely difficult upon us because We are dealing with enough as is. I am writing You before another Child/Family has to go through this injustice. Parents needs to know that until Something is done this park is no longer safe. My phone number is (edited out ) need to be reached. Thank You for covering stories within Our community. Sincerely Tessa Westby Martin” will be following up on safety in our parks, stay tuned.


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