Beach, Fl-First there was Uber allowing you to go online or through their app and get a ride from a private driver. From Uber, we came to the competition Lyft. Both Uber and Lyft have changed the taxi industry and made ridesharing part of the vernacular. Then Airbnb and VRBO where you could rent someone’s home or apartment like you would a hotel room. Then popped up where you can skip the rental counter and rent a car from a private owner.

Now comes both a website and an app. will allow you to rent out someone’s pool and pool amenities for the hour or day. Of course, if you are a pool owner offers you the chance to earn income renting out your pool. allows potential users to see reviews left from prior users on their platform. Where would you like to take a dip?

How Swimply Works:

Find The Perfect Pool

Book The Perfect Time

Have A Perfect Day


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