Deerfield Beach, Fl Deerfield Beaches top executive is resigning from his post. Hanson has turned in the above letter of resignation to the City of Deerfield Beach. Hanson who along with the Ganz administration has been under tremendous scrutiny for several serious issues Deerfield Beach faces. City Hall has been the site of affairs between staff members, staff members, and Law Enforcement Officers, lawsuits of sexual harassment, other mistakes and negligence that have cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Failure to maintain the city of Deerfield Beaches water treatment plants and overpaying retirees millions of dollars and more.

One of the many things Deerfield Beach elected officials forgot to do was the annual review required of the city manager, our mayor mockingly gave a   one minute review from the dais. One can only now speculate maybe reviewing our city manager should not be viewed as a joke.