Our Take-Do Not Be Surprised If Scott Israel Runs For Broward Sheriff And Gets Elected

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach-I-12 hours and I think it is safe to say many Democratic leaders and constituents of Scott Israel support his court endeavors and want him to run again. While Israel has his attorney litigating. The word in Broward Democratic circles is he has the support of many to re-run for Sheriff of Broward County again..

Deerfield-News.com agreed with the Sun-Sentinel that Israel after the commission findings should resign. The removal of office of a duly elected county Sheriff is something very serious. I think in this case Governor DeSantis had to do something that Governor Scott chose not to do.That said if the electorate put him back in office what I think and what Governor DeSantis did yesterday will be of no consequence.

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