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City of Deerfield Beach And Employee Charles DaBrusco Being Sued In Broward Circuit Court For Inappropriate Kissing And Touching- “He Loved Black Women”


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-In an incident we reported about a while back Deerfield Beach has been sued along with Charles DaBrusco.papers were filed in December alleging that DaBrusco in his official capacity was touching without permission, unwelcome pervasive and caused the Plaintiff serious harm.

The suit seeks a trial by jury and damages in excess of $15.000 which is the minimum to seek in Circuit court allowing the jury to determine damages. Plaintiff is suing the city of Deerfield Beach as well as Da Brusco individually. We are going to publish part of the lawsuit including Plaintiff’s name.

As Deerfield-news.com has reported previously we do not believe this is the only case of this sort the city faces. We have met with city employees off the record and “Houston We Have A Problem.

Not only with Mr.DaBrusco and the incident at hand but in Deerfield Beach city hall as well amongst other supervisors and managers and employees.

We certainly are aware of other incidents and can only hope BSO can resolve to look at all of them and see if they warrant criminal charges.





Plaintiff a pier attendant in Deerfield Beach says her manager grabbed her butt and forcibly kissed her while she was at work.”