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Deerfield Beach Public Affairs Director Rebecca Medina Stewart Has BS Reason For Holding Elections In March


Deerfield-News.com-DeerfieldBeach, Fl- Deerfield-News.com along with several citizens have been questioning why we do not vote for city officials on Election Day. Not sure that Ms. Stewart understands it is the same Supervisor Of Elections that will count the votes in March. Why should we vote on Election Day, turnout will be threefold to the small number of voters that vote in March? Why would a city want its officials elected by 552 votes when there are 44,000 plus registered voters. Medina’s answer is Bullshit and Non-sense. The city can not and does not tell the voters why and how we came to vote in March. They cite a Florida statute in our public records request. Look folks it does not take a genius to figure out Deerfield Beach should vote on Election Day for city officials when we have the biggest voter turnout.


Definition of Election Day. : a day legally established for the election of public officials especially : the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in an even year designated for national elections in the U.S. and observed as a legal holiday in many states.


From Letters To The Editor to the Observer. Observernewspaperonline.com-

Editor’s Note: Rebecca Medina, Public Affairs and Marketing Director for the city, responded to this with the following: “While five individuals recommended changing the election from March to November, it was five out of 44,333 registered voters with at least three individuals publicly asking to leave the elections the way they are, and while they weren’t in Commission on the evening in question I know many other residents who prefer to leave our elections to March.

In our most recent November election, the whole country watched the chaos and uncertainty that occurred in Broward County. Why would we want to take chances like that with our municipal elections, we get to avoid all of that by holding our elections in March. Furthermore, the March election is only three months away, and those who brought this up at a recent Commission meeting are involved in a local political campaign. This is a debate that should be discussed in a non-election year.”]