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Updated-Deerfield Beach Activists Question Cities Lack Of Providing For Nativity Scene


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Deerfield Beach activists are questioning why a citizen paid for a Nativity Scene and not the city. The citizens are questioning exactly what did the city provide and who paid for it?

The following resident posted the following on our Facebook feed after we posted todays post.-Micki Fertic When I talked to Mayor Bill he advised that the city cannot get involved with religious displays, which is why the nativity scene in prior years was not there anymore. It was provided by a private party. In order to get a nativity scene put back in place someone would have to donate one, which is what I did. There is a large number of people who are Christian, or not, that wanted the nativity back. All I did was listen to the citizens, worked with Mayor Bill and was able to get one approved…FOR THE PEOPLE. Other citizens did their part, made phone calls, and made their voices heard. I am grateful that this was approved and the people are happy. Merry Christmas! ?


From Deerfield Beach Politics Facebook Group-Sarah Moran-

“If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”-Ronald Reagan

Maybe if our Mayor and Commission pondered these things, maybe they would have bought and displayed a Nativity Scene (instead of individual taxpayers having to do so) and maybe we would still have an actual prayer before Commission Meetings instead a moment of silence!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

From-Sarah Moran-


A citizen contacted Mayor Ganz and inquired about the lack of a Nativity scene at the Fire Station. This is the phone call that happened – my remarks are in brackets:

Well I talk to our Mayor Bill Gantz. He said nobody has called me had any concern over the nativity. He said we haven’t had it for several years. That’s a lie!. He says he has no relationship with Chaz Stevens the satanist. [Really Mayor? You put up a Menorah and no Nativity??? Do you realize there are two synagogues in Deerfield Beach and 35+++ Christian Churches – I got tired of counting. Do we really have to call you – can’t the City ever be proactive and have some regard for the MAJORITY of its constituents? Why lie and make the excuse that we haven’t had one for years? And what does Chaz Stevens have to do with a Nativity???]

He said the menorah was not a religious symbol and the Christmas tree is for Christians. I said it’s been a Deerfield tradition to have the nativity. Hey he said the lawyer for Deerfield said that they thought this was the best way to handle it so they don’t have problems. [Are you kidding me??? Saying a Christmas Tree is the symbol of Christmas is like saying a Dreidel is the symbol of Hanukkah! Do you know anything about the history of Christmas??? And what lawyer would say it’s okay to nix a Nativity scene but allow a Menorah???]

Then he said well do you want A pentagram? And I said well if we have the nativity that’s all that counts. Jesus and I are not afraid of the devil. So if because there is a nativity and somebody wants to put up a pentagram. Then I guess that’s their first amendment right. But we shouldn’t hide Jesus because were afraid of the devil. [Mayor, is that a THREAT or just a SORRY EXCUSE? I can’t believe that just came out of your mouth. That’s just pathetic. Makes me wonder if your next call is to Chaz Stevens.] END

This Citizen got nowhere with this phone call to the Mayor as her next plan of action was to ask for prayers and left the Mayor’s phone number. A citizen stepped up and supplied a Nativity Scene and made sure it was installed.

KUDOS and everyone is happy! I’m continually dumbfounded that the Mayor’s actions are dismissed and accepted. And the City installs a Menorah and not a Nativity? This is a slap in the face to the majority of Christians in this City – and ignorance is no excuse – a Christmas tree is not even comparable to a Menorah! The only thing to do to stop this INSANE behavior is to GET OUT AND VOTE!
We need a worthy Commissioner in District 1 and that person is Dan Herz. So please vote for him in the upcoming March 2019 Election. And we really need to put out a community-wide search for a new Mayor. We need someone that loves this City and its Citizens and puts that first – above all else. We need someone that has been successful in business, preferably with a college degree, common sense and years of proven experience.

Right now, we have a narcissistic Mayor that barely won and the first thing he did was spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on his office furniture and a stone wall behind the dais where he sits to impress everyone. And yet this Scrooge makes a citizen purchase the Nativity scene. Citizens – shouldn’t we EXPECT our City to be better than THIS???


From Patrick, Jolivet-Someone needs to tell this reject that there is actual case law that specifically states that a Nativity is allowed on City property as long as the property allows for General use!

That means that other religious symbols are also allowed to be displayed such as a Menorah!

Once again this moron needs to get a real job and stop bullshitting the residents of Deerfield Beach!



Considering the fact that the taxpayers are forced to pay for Bill Ganz’s personal Public Relations Director in Rebecca Medina, maybe she should do her job and inform the residents that if they want a Nativity placed on City Property for Christmas that it must be privately funded and allow the residents to work together to purchase a proper Nativity!

Once again the Deerfield Beach displays look like a complete Comedy act put together by a bunch of Clowns under the leadership of the biggest clown of all, Mayor Bill Ganz!





Deerfield-news.com has to take the position of the Constitution and the case law that comes from it. With all due respect, this is why we do not pray in public schools…..The First Amendment which ratified in 1791 states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  We understand the sensitivity of this subject and believe it is best left to the courts. We certainly support anyone who wishes to pray to whatever G-d they choose and celebrate Christmas or not pray and or not believe in any G-d.For those who wish to donate whatever we also support that.