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State Of Florida Department Of Health Releases More Deerfield Beach Water Treatment Plant Reports And Photos


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Since our inquiry to the city of Deerfield Beach last year about rust and other issues.We specifically discovered 36 consecutive months of failures and rusty pictures of our plant during testing. We have pursued in obtaining more information and photos via Public Records Requests. The information received is voluminous and technical our experts will review all the material and we will continue in our quest to bring out the facts.

Not to worry folks no problems what so ever,”Drink Up” according to the city of Deerfield Beach officials. Who are you going to believe the tests, the pictures or politicians that lie?

We are reviewing the material provided and certainly will have a post or two more on these pictures and reports, showing Deerfield Beach’s deficiencies.

After literally months of communications and Public Records Requests today, The State of Florida Department of Health via their” special counsel “released additional documents and pictures they feel do not pose a security threat. Again we believe the governments’ security issues are nothing more than a Red Herring  as far as a walk-thru tour of the plant.The mayor has the authority to permit visitors to our water treatment plant he could have and should have toured it with us. That said I Thank Mr. Eichner for his professionalism and the lack of any issue in picking up the records today, Thank You, Marquis, as well for your help.

We are scouring through them and this may take some time. We are posting pictures first as they speak for themselves. Above are the original photos they sent us and then said were sent in error, setting off alarm bells as to what else they have and could be hiding.

Below are the ones we have just received today.

It appears we are still not in compliance on several issues.The city in fact was asking until June of 2018 for a specific remedy and Florida said no. Stay Tuned!