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Mayor Ganz Lies To Public About Water Treatment Plant And Has His Mouthpiece Medina Lie To Pelican Who Should Do Fact Checking


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl- No one trying to cause panic,  we are trying to bring the “FACTS” to light.The Mayor wants to deflect and call out other cities water issues citing the website he seems to question the validity of. This is not important to Deerfield residents our water treatment plant and the repairs it needs are.

Folks this is our drinking water we brush our teeth with, drink and cook with this is serious business, not something to be dismissed.

These pictures according to the Special Counsel for the State of Florida Department of Health said in his email to us, they were not supposed to be released, why?

While the Mayor in his condescending voice and tone would like you to believe all is well with our water and treatment plant he is full of it. Just like he lied about not being able to attend Jean Robbs funeral. He chose not to attend because he did not like Mayor Robb. Truth to power Mayor Ganz, the truth will set you free.

He is not telling the truth about the deficiencies at our water plant.

The Pelican and Judy Wilson your “reporter” should be ashamed that a couple of bloggers have uncovered a real problem and you do not even bother to contact the people you allow to be attacked by your friend the Mayor, and his mouthpiece Ms. Medina. The pictures and reports we have posted came from The State of Florida Department of Health. We have requested all of the other pieces to the puzzle and are awaiting the public records request, from the Office of the Special Counsel of the State of Florida Department of Health.

Deerfield-News.com has contacted the city Ms. Medina has only given us a one sentence answer.  The city meets federal drinking water guidelines.

Ms. Medina has not answered any of our other questions or returned our phone calls on this matter in months, I am sure on the instructions Mayor Ganz. We certainly would have welcomed their position on this subject and posted it. Ms. Medina also is selective in what email of ours if any she will respond to.

Folks, it is her job and duty to respond to the media or anyone else who is a resident of Deerfield Beach. Do you wonder why the responses are selective?

I have no other governmental agency I communicate with, that has it’s Public Information Officer or Public Affairs Spokesperson who does not respond to emails or calls, none!

The rust in the pictures is not normal this is not what you see at every other cities water treatment plants. Mayor Ganz where did you get that information from.  The other pictures show more rust and non-compliance by the city not just in the trough as the Mayor summarily dismisses. Folks remember these are photos they say they sent in error, we have requested a visit to the plant they have denied access. Your Mayor is hiding something the fact our water treatment plant is not up to par and it is deficient and failed to be in compliance 36 consecutive months, fact.

No panic Mayor Ganz, but the water plant needs millions and millions of dollars and Ganz was commissioner during all of these failed inspections.

You and each and every commissioner that was a sitting commissioner during the last few years should hang your heads in shame leaving our water plant in a state of disarray.

Here is what the EPA says, so while Mayor Ganz wants to question the other website, I defy him to challenge the EPA or State of Florida Dept of Health and the 36 months of noncompliance they have found and cited Deerfield for. Again folks the pictures and reports speak for themselves they were sent to us by the state of Florida Department of Health, they are authentic!

These photos are worth 14.6 Million dollars in a problem that is nothing to worry about it is only our water.