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Deerfield Beach Adds New Safety Feature At Beach Crosswalks



Deerfield-News.com -Deerfield Beach, Fl-The city of Deerfield Beach has installed new  LED lights in crosswalks. A great idea we need to do this in all of the heavy pedestrian areas across Deerfield Beach. Should not be hard to figure out I am sure BSO has the statistics of the most dangerous crosswalks by accidents.

Safety first Deerfield-News can list many of the corners we know are “danger zones” for pedestrians as well as the railroad tracks. With the number of distracted drivers ,tourists and seniors driving in our city this idea needs to go citywide!


From- City of  Deerfield beach Facebook

Newsflash! Check out the new in-ground LED lights in crosswalks along A1A on the S-Curve that were funded by the Deerfield Beach CRA. Pedestrians can push the button to activate the above ground beacon and the flashing lights in the roadway to cue cars to stop. Safe crossing everyone!