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Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz Gets Sworn Statement Of Ken Wayne Former Challenger As A Public Record Request And Mayor Has A Gmail Address


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-During Deerfield Beach’s mayoral contest apparently a conversation with Sun-Sentinel reporters and candidates was recorded.

This conversation apparently led to some legal challenges,including a sworn statement of Ken Wayne former candidate.Seems Mr.Wayne had been granted immunity as well.The sworn statement which orignally was requested from Broward County by Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz and was taken in August of this year .The Mayor subsequently read part of the sworn statement into a Deerfield Beach commission meeting making it a deerfield Berach public record and peaking our interest.

Seems the issue was about the fact that,the meeting was or was not being recorded with all parties being informed.As no other information has arrived with the sworn statement we can only read what we have and draw a conclusion from that.

For the record Mayor Ganz your email is listed as [email protected]  on your Public Records Request,so I hope you never ask me again where I got that email from again.

The first communication I ever received from Mayor was this,

Re: Request for City of Deerfield Beach advertising costs for promoting Facebook page and Google adwords advertising costs.
WILLIAM GANZ <[email protected]> (Add as Preferred Sender)  
Date: Sun, Mar 19, 2017 2:40 pm
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], Bill Ganz <[email protected]>

Mr. Levy,

I’m not sure how you obtained my personal email address, in the future please use this email: [email protected].
I did inquire about this, because I did come across your previous email.
According to City Hall, they weren’t aware of a public records request from you. Please let us know the number they assigned your request. I will forward this to the City Manager and see if we can assist you.
All my best,


On Mar 19, 2017, at 4:01 PM, <[email protected]> <[email protected]> wrote:

Mayor seems you forgot your gmail [email protected] it is a public record just like the sworn statement .