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Deerfield Beach Around The Town Rumors Or Fact 274 Votes,Commissioner Sick And 40 Fire Department Captains


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Deerfield-News.com can report on three things this week being heard around the city.

One that a Deerfield Beach employee is bragging how he helped secure 274 votes in our Mayoral election for Mayor Ganz.Our understanding is that absentee ballots were involved and this city employee is responsible for the coordination and  delivery of these 274 votes.This is not our number ,but that of the Deerfield Beach employee “Eddie.” While Deerfield-News.com does not profess to be voting irregularity experts we certainly know when something does not pass the smell test.Why is a city employee that involved in procuring absentee ballots,especially if they benefit his boss?

Deerfield-News.com also has had several reports that city commissioner Joe Miller is ill.One of our sources says it is a serious illness and may cause the commissioner to resign.Deerfield-News.com has not confirmed this and we certainly wish Commissioner Miller all the best .

Last but not least while we have some upcoming stories about Deerfield Beach’s pension problems,most which will be caused by retiring fireman.Sources have contacted us that Deerfield Beach will soon have 40 Captains to have retired reaching that rank and at least double dipping on pensions.Some cases may actually have retiring firemen “triple dipping” as Deerfield beach is on the hook for those defined penisons not BSO.Stay tuned as Deerfield-News.com takes an in depth look at the real power brokers of our city the firemen.