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Deerfield Beach Burger Wars


Burger Fi


Deerfield-News.com Deerfield Beach Fl,-As our friends from the north return to Deerfield Beach for the season,snowbirds will notice if we did not have enough hamburger restaurants in Deerfield, now we have even more.Deerfield-News.com drove around the city and visited and tried all of the below mentioned restaurants burgers .Our job is not to be a food critic but simply to inform you of all the burger joints we could find in Deerfield and give you the reader some heads up facts and info about where they are and what differences they have from the Big three McDonalds,Burger King and Wendys.

We are going to start with the beach.Located in the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort is Burger Craze.Possibly the best located as it is on the beach.Burger craze has full bar,sells hot dogs and sausages ,offers kobe beef sliders as well as the full burger menu,fries rings etc…as a side note you might want to leave room for dessert ,two doors down also located in the  .Burger Craze photoWyndham has a Geleteria,that is excellent.

Continuing on the Beach is( Delray Beach based) Burger FI about half block west of the Whales Rib, Burger Fi has burger fries rings and custard and also  craft beer and wine, great location on the strip at Deerfield Beach.For Coca Cola fanatics Burger Fi also has the newest coke dispensers allowing you to mix and match your soda.Custard like at the Jersey  Shore.Burger Fi

Driving west on Hillsboro we arrive at Gimme A Burger on the corner of Hillsboro Blvd and Wm Campbell Sr.Drive.Deerfield-News.com has one thing to say the management here was the friendliest of all burger joints we visited. We never mentioned to anyone we have a news blog and were doing a story about Deerfield Beaches burger joints.Gimme a burger seems to key in on Fusion Burgers ,they too have custard along with your standard fries rings etc.Gimme a burger

Driving a half block west is Charm City Burger a staple in the last six or seven years for Deerfielders,located where Leos Salty Sea was this joint is busy.Charm Cityfive guys

Continuing west on Hillsboro you will find Five Guys at the corner of Hillsboro and Federal Hwy on the east end of Publix shopping center not to far from Charm city which is actually on Hillsboro Blvd .

Continuing west we take Hillsboro to Powerline Road and go south of Tenth Street to find Tucker Dukes Lunchbox ,Tucker Dukes apparently is a legend in the panhandle of Florida and now they are bringing their fare south to Deerfield Beach.Tucker Dukes offers a variety of Burgers including sliders but is best known for the ‘Tucker Duke” No Changes Permitted on this behemoth burger.

Tucker Dukes