Deerfield Deerfield Beach Fl,- The just issued preliminary report from the office of Broward  Inspector General says Mayor misused her authority and position violating both City and State Laws. Mayor Jean Robb was originally our Mayor from 1980-1993 a long time politician and Deerfield resident now 82, her late husband Dr. Leo Robb was a well known and respected  Deerfield Beach Physician.

Deerfield sources say at the next City Commission meeting on December 2 the Commission  can remove the Mayor from office.

The Inspector General will file complaint to the Ethics Commission.,if the commission agrees with the complaint after they investigate Robb could be subject to severe fines   for each violation,censure,or suspension or removal from her office as Deerfield Beach Mayor

Mayor Robb as mentioned in our original post about the ethics violations has retained powerhouse  Fort Lauderdale   criminal attorney David Bogenschutz.

The Mayor has long been outspoken and controversial  in past episodes but her popularity with the citizens of Deerfield Beach remains strong.



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