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OUR TAKE-DIRTY IN DEERFIELD RESTAURANT INSPECTIONS-Why Florida Needs More Public Visibility On Inspection Reports


News.com-Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Once again we have some readers who think we enjoy posting about restaurants that had bad inspections. In Florida, most restaurants are inspected by The Department of Business and Professional Regulation or The DBPR. The Florida Department of Agriculture inspects convenience stores, supermarkets, and bakeries.

A “Florida Consumer” should not have to search online to find a food inspection report for their choices in restaurants, bakeries, or supermarkets.

That said we post the reports which are done by state inspectors. We understand and this cuts both ways that when a random inspection is done it is a snapshot in time of what the inspector saw that day at that moment.

We have written many times the State of Florida should be doing like many other states do and require all of the above types of businesses large and independently owned to post these reports on the doors or windows like they do a closure notice. A simple thing for all consumers to know what each food handling business did on their most recent inspection having it posted in the front window or door.


We take no joy in reporting particularly about independently owned and operated local businesses that had a bad inspection. I understand that people have their livelihoods money and reputations at stake. We wish we did not have to report on dirty restaurants. The operators are the ones who have to accept responsibility and improve if they have a bad inspection.

Many readers know that there have been a few places over the years that thankfully finally closed and went out of business after we and some other media outlets posted their habitual bad reports. Now time to continue going through the lists of the most recent inspections of Deerfield Beach restaurants.



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