Beach, Fl-Our pick for Best Cheesesteak still has to go to The Steak Shop a South Florida original since 1986.
 The Steak Shop which was originally on US-1 South of Sample in the old Lums is still as good as ever. No Amoroso roll, no choice of the type of cheese, but the roll is nectar and the white cheese is excellent. They do have sauces if you like, and my favorite is the wine sauce but one hell of a cheesesteak and some great crinkle-cut fries. One order of fries is plenty for two or three folks. Now for you aficionados who want to harass me because I prefer my cheesesteak chopped and not sliced like Geno’s, that is right we prefer Pat’s chopped style for our cheesesteaks. Steak Shops crinkle-cut fries still nice and one order is enough for two or more. I still like Steak Shop as much as ever. Please do not forget the Birch Beer!
 Now located on Sample Road just west of US 1 The Steak shop is just as good today as it was in 1986, so get on out to Pompano and have an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. This family-owned and operated shop has even spun off one of the owners’ sons into The Pizza District in Boca Raton. We have tried their pizza and subs and will be doing a post on Niko and company at Pizza District on 18th St and Powerline Road soon!