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Our Take-Its Jew Hatred Not Antisemitism-Trump Has Made It Mainstream


Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Jew hatred is what Donald Trump foments and makes acceptable and mainstream, not antisemitism. Trump who has made Jew-hatred acceptable and mainstream needs to be condemned for all of his Jew-hatred fomentations over the past seven years.

Having lunch with Ye and Nick Fuentes was reprehensible and Trump knew who Fuentes is and was. Trump’s excuse once again he did not know who or what Fuentes is Bullshit. The same he said about others in the past like David Duke.  The Jews who belongs to AIPAC and The Republican Jewish Coalition should be screaming t the top of their lungs about this recent incident. The Jews who pay $200,000 a year to belong to a club they once were not welcome in also need to renounce their memberships even if they lose their $200,000. Trump and his Jew-hatred fomentation should not be supported by Jews.

Trump who has long said he wanted short guys who wear Yarmulkes to be counting his money has always been a Jew hater.

I have no doubts Trump has used words like kike and the n-word in the past. Trump’s dinner at Mar A Lago with Ye and a known Nazi and holocaust denier are reprehensible.

Jew-hatred is not new it is a few thousand years old now. I know I was no older than 7 when I first was introduced to it. From being called a cheap Jew or a dirty Jew to words like Kike at a young age kids from my hometown who I assume learned these words from their parents used them.