Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-One thing every website owner fears is when your website is down, for any reason. There are a slew of websites that exist to just alert website owners if their site is down. Down .com,, are a few. Then there are sites like that will alert website owners if their site is down and not responding to being pinged in real-time.

This month has been brutal for many small websites using shared hosting servers at based in Arizona is the leader in domain sales and website hosting in the U.S. The Arizona-based company faces challenges every day when it comes to malware and brute force attacks on websites they host. This month had the unfortunate experience to have our website be among the thousands affected by ongoing attacks. like many website hosts and servers are continuously battling cyber pirates both domestically and abroad.

This website owner is a loyal customer of who has hosted our sister company and primary business since 2001. That said I have to take issue with the customer service is providing during the pandemic, it is sub-par.

While as always the employees are super courteous and friendly the increased wait time just to get to one is unacceptable. The average wait time we experienced for each of our calls this week exceeded 45 minutes. That 45 minutes was just to get to the first level of support help for our hosting problem. When an issue like mitigation is involved in a server (which is Godaddy.coms server that they sell space on it is not our server) needs to do way better. The reality is is being attacked not the website they put on their shared server. The customer while wanting to be educated as to why and what, pretty much just wants their issue to be resolved and not with a dozen calls but with one.