Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-  Deerfield-News did a post when Mai Kai announceD their closing. Like many South Floridians, I have some great memories of some great dates there. That story was one of our most-read. Today we are glad to report they will be reopening. A post from their Facebook page is below.
To our loyal customers and supporters,
We’re grateful and excited to share some big news about the future of the Mai-Kai. Yes…the Mai-Kai will reopen! After considering numerous interested parties, the Thornton family is thrilled to announce our new joint venture with the Barlington Group, a South Florida-based real estate investment and development company focused on growing unique and eclectic legacy businesses that give their communities character, and Mad Room Hospitality, the proprietors of iconic establishments such as Ball & Chain, Los Altos and Taquerias El Mexicano. Our search came to an end when we met their team and recognized the passion they share for honoring and preserving the legacy of the Mai-Kai.
Most importantly, we want to thank you, our devoted fans and guests, for your continued support even while our doors have been closed. You are a part of the Mai-Kai story, and we’re humbled by the outpouring of love and concern we’ve received. Rest assured, we are doing all we can to restore this beloved local institution — our family’s three-generation legacy — to its former splendor and beyond.
We’re looking forward to working closely with the Barlington Group and Mad Room Hospitality to sustain the Mai-Kai the world has come to know and love. We can’t wait to welcome you back to South Florida’s iconic Mai-Kai Restaurant and Polynesian Show, but until then, please stay tuned for updates on the restoration and repairs. We’ll be announcing a reopening date once the renovation is complete.
We’re excited to bring back the Mai-Kai better than ever before — and for you to be a special part of it!
Aloha and see you soon,
The Thornton family